The real reason why I did not attend Musikmesse this year

Sadly, I didn’t turn up on the annual PLS / Musikmesse in Frankfurt this year. As some of you already know I am a big fan of dogs, many close friends already know. Back in the days when I was a teenager, I got a dog together with my (now ex-) girlfriend. The dog’s name is “Charly”. In the meantime, she turned 14 years old last September and saw a lot from this world. She is also the reason, why I did not attend on Musikmesse.

Around three weeks ago, I went to the vet with her because she didn’t eat. A few minutes later the diagnostic showed up, that she had a bleeding milder tumor, which needed to be removed in an emergency surgery. Otherwise she’d die from inner bleedings.

The malignant tumor was removed and the surgery went fine, although Charly has now a remaining life expectancy of just three months. She now gets only low carbonate no sugar free BARF meals to fight against the cancer as long as possible, to give her a fine Life evening until the end.

Take care of you and your beloved ones! They are irreplaceable.


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