Living the Healthy Life

I’ve never been sportive, not in my youth and I’d say still not. Although I am a vegetarian since over 15 years now, I can’t say I lived a healthy life. I drank a lot, smoked for over 10 years up to 60 cigarettes a day, smoked weed and ate only crap. Surprisingly I stayed super-thin, maybe even unhealthy thin. When I stopped smoking in 2011 I not only changed my smoking behavior, I needed to change my whole life. So, I started to eat more fruits, drink more water instead of beer and started to go running to fight the aggression I had because of the cravings. The reknown “Easy way to stop smoking” program by Allen Carr helped me through it. I woke up one Sunday morning, scrolling through YouTube and i found this video. So i watched it. What could possibly go wrong? Wasting an hour of my life time? But at the end it worked out.

Today, running and workout takes a solid place in my life. Every two days I go running (if it is bad weather I run indoors on my Cross trainer) for an hour. It’s an hour which I use to take care of my body instead of scrolling through Facebook or watching TV. While running I usually listen to some Podcast to learn new things or to motivate myself. I listen to Rawstyle when I want best results. In the days between I do a little workout to keep my body in shape using the app “Sworkit”. I am not affiliated with them I am a truly satisfied user of the app. For now, even the Lite version is fine for me.  And that’s it basically.

my workout app: Sworkit Lite App

my running app: Runkeeper together with a cheap pulse tracker

up-tempo running podcasts: Hard With Style, Digital Punk Unleashed, WE R Hardstyle


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