Spacetalk OUT NOW – Techno from Outer Space

Marc Shock - Spacetalk

I am happy to announce that today is the official release of my debut single Spacetalk on the Finnish label Spin Underground Records run by Matti Kiviharju.

This Warehouse Techno title consciously pursues a “thoughtful” but still club-suitable format. It tells of the training of an astronaut before his deployment on a space station. The intention of the title is to strengthen interpersonal relationships and to build harmony. In hectic times that are getting faster and faster, it is becoming more and more important to take care of one another and to approach one another instead of building walls against others.

Spacetalk Cover

In contrast to the current political hardening that politicians like Trump have shown, I would like to encourage Spacetalk to deal openly and without negative prejudices with fellow human beings, it is also up to us musicians to change social moods for the better and not to stir up hatred even more through our music. This also includes a more thoughtful song, because flat EDM festival music is no solution in the long run.

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Here are all the details about the release

Release Infos

Artist:  Marc Shock
Release Name: Spacetalk
Number of songs:  1
Total length: 5:54
Track names:
Spacetalk (Original Mix)
Release date: 08 June 2018 worldwide / 25 May 2018 Beatport exclusive
Imprint:  Spin Underground Records
Catalogue number: SUR0071

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