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6 Small And Easy Steps For A Better World

Yeah we know it all, we don’t threat our planet really good and we need to do something to keep our planet alive. But how can we, or better can “I” do it? What sense does it make, if I personally take efforts to make it a greener planet again when nobody else does? If I change my life and nobody else does, this does not make any change. So here are some totally simple steps to make a direct change to you, which don’t hurt and are really easy to realize. Read more “6 Small And Easy Steps For A Better World”


New Town – New Life?

A while ago, I moved back from Berlin to south Germany, where I also grow up. First, I have to say I LOVE BERLIN, I really do. Theirs is always something to explore, the city never sleeps and there is techno everywhere. I look really thankful back to the time living in Berlin with all that energy, that the city provides. Read more “New Town – New Life?”


Living the Healthy Life

I’ve never been sportive, not in my youth and I’d say still not. Although I am a vegetarian since over 15 years now, I can’t say I lived a healthy life. I drank a lot, smoked for over 10 years up to 60 cigarettes a day, smoked weed and ate only crap. Surprisingly I stayed super-thin, maybe even unhealthy thin. When I stopped smoking in 2011 I not only changed my smoking behavior, I needed to change my whole life. Read more “Living the Healthy Life”

Lady Waks – Minimal (Marc Shock Remix) Blog

Lady Waks – Minimal (Marc Shock Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Back in 2007 Electro/Breakbeat producer Lady Waks from St. Petersburg had their breakthrough. 10 years later i gave her track „Minimal“ a new touch. The coolest on it? My remake is for a short time available for free download. Just follow my Soundcloud link: Read more “Lady Waks – Minimal (Marc Shock Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]”


One month with Denon DJ MC7000 and Traktor PRO

There has been a lot of reviews about the MC7000 out there, the latest 4 channel Serato DJ midi controller by Denon DJ. While Denon now is targeting the Pioneer market they still have the lack of a own DJ Software (which maybe change later… who knows). Since Native Instruments doesn’t really support any 3rd party hardware controllers anymore and focus on supporting their own gear, the dj controller market went to a Serato DJ controller market. In fact, I think that Native Instruments lost a lot of market share due to this behavior.

However, the Denon DJ MC7000 got my attention because it was announced as Serato DJ Controller that will be fully compatible to Virtual DJ and will include a Traktor PRO2 mapping file (tsi). After months of patiently waiting the mapping finally arrived, time for myself to give the beast a try. And here is my result after one month of testing it:

It’s just fine! The controller works as it should, most buttons behave as they behave in Serato – For my needs the Traktor mapping is more than enough. Good Job Denon!

What I did not like are the lights around the platter, they are just too bright especially in dark environments when you look at it from the top. In the mini tutorial from DJ TMC on YouTube I found out, that you can switch the LED ring to be inverted (1 LED is on instead off all LEDs except 1 is on) – so this is fine now. As on the most controllers build by inMusic the filter sounds too “harsh” in my ears – meaning that the resonance of it is too high. Turning out that the volume peaks and sometimes even goes in the reds. A digital limiter behind the filter or a lower resonance would do the job for me.  But this is just minor, if you are looking for a good sounding fully featured DJ controller for Traktor, you are good to go with the MC7000.



The real reason why I did not attend Musikmesse…

Sadly, I didn’t turn up on the annual PLS / Musikmesse in Frankfurt this year. As some of you already know I am a big fan of dogs, many close friends already know. Back in the days when I was a teenager, I got a dog together with my (now ex-) girlfriend. The dog’s name is “Charly”. In the meantime, she turned 14 years old last September and saw a lot from this world. She is also the reason, why I did not attend on Musikmesse.
Read more “The real reason why I did not attend Musikmesse this year”


Will Soundcloud die?

Soundcloud themselves stated, that their own future own Soundcloud is unclear and they might shutdown within 2017 if they don’t find a solution. So now it’s time for us musicians to look for alternatives. From now on I’ll also share my sounds on my new YouTube video channel, since this is the most established media platform besides Soundcloud. All my new tracks, previews & of course videos will be also posted there. If someone can give me a beginners course in After Effects the video quality will improve, until that probably all video will be done with iMovie.

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